Laugh Trip with a Pai Artist


My second visit to Pai, a beautiful countryside on the northern part of Thailand, was super fun and I was glad I returned there. The country of Thailand was celebrating one of their holidays and because of the long weekend, my friend and I decided to travel back to Pai. Well, to tell you honestly, she forced me to go with her. 😆 Just don’t let her know I said so. 😉 If I even mention here the real reason why she dragged me there in the first place, I might not see the next sunrise. lol. So I’ll keep that secret between the two of us (plus my other friends, Edcel and Debbie 😆 )

Anyway, since she dragged me to one of the most beautiful countryside in Thailand, she’ll be the topic of this article. sssssh. Don’t tell her, ok? 😆

One of the best things about the residents of Pai are their creativity. You will see how creative they are based on the artworks that they sell at the walking street bazaar, which you will find in the town center.

One evening, while we were roaming around the area, we came across a shop of a Pai artist.

pai artist sketching a portrait

After seeing that board on top, my friend got interested and asked how big the photos were. She compared each size with its corresponding amount. After discussing the rates, she decided to have her portrait sketched with the A6 postcard size.

The artist asked my friend to sit down. He turned on the spotlight and directed it to my friend, Den.

While the artist was busy sketching my friend’s portrait, Den started commenting on the artist’s strokes. She was saying that the sketch should be beautiful or else… 😆

The artist kept telling Den to look at the green spot behind him so that he can focus on his work. However, my friend didn’t obey. Instead, we kept laughing since we could see what the artist was sketching.

The artist was laughing too as he continued sketching my friend. At that point, one might mistake we smoked weed because of the laughter ringing in the area. Den and I were already laughing hard at how ridiculous Den looked on her sketch, not to mention Den’s complaints. The artist just laughed with us. Den started saying she didn’t look close to anything that the artist was drawing.

Despite my friend’s complains, the artist kept sketching as if he didn’t hear her. A few tourists also dropped by to check out the final sketch.

After a few minutes, the ordeal was over. The artist handed Den her caricature. I was laughing hard when I saw that the artist never changed the one thing that Den asked him to change, her chin. 😆 Den was complaining the whole time that she doesn’t have a huge chin like the one the artist just drew. But the artist just laughed at us. Den also realized that her chin and neckline was probably one of her most striking  features for that was the area that the artist focused on distorting. 😆

When we left the place, my friend asked if I had a pen since she was bent on altering the portrait. She said she’d draw a neckline to break the huge fat chin that the artist sketched. Since I’m evil, I didn’t give her my pen 😆

By dinner time, she managed to borrow a pen from the owner of the restaurant. My pen’s ink was better than the regular pen Den got so I gave in and handed my pen over. In the end, she got what she wanted – a smaller chin for her caricature portrait.

Den is an artist too. She’s the artist behind my logo. After seeing her caricature, she couldn’t help say that she drew better than that artist. Bitter mode? Peace Den. Miss yah! 😉

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