Ibis São Paulo Paulista Hotel: Our Wonderful Hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Looking for a safe and nice hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil can be challenging. With different hotels to choose from, one might find it hard to decide which hotel to book when visiting São Paulo. The great thing is we didn’t have to look hard once we discovered the Ibis hotel chains in the area. There are a couple of them spread-out in the city but we chose the one that’s closest to the city center, the Ibis São Paulo Paulista Hotel.

checking inn at Ibis São Paulo Paulista Hotel
checking inn at Ibis São Paulo Paulista Hotel

When we landed at the São Paulo – Guarulhos International Airport, our initial plan was to ride a public bus to get to our hotel. But searching for the bus stop led us to the Airport Bus Service where by paying a certain fee, we were dropped off just a few steps from the hotel building, which was very convenient for us if I may say so.

Ibis São Paulo Paulista Hotel

lounge area of Ibis Paulista
lounge area of Ibis Paulista

Hotel Ibis Sao Paulo Paulista is conveniently located in the heart of São Paulo. The hotel is nestled between the high rise buildings of Avenida Paulista, one of the city’s famous business districts. The hotel’s location is perfect as it is close to the Consolação metro station.

view of Avenida Paulista from our window
view of Avenida Paulista from our window on our first night in Brazil

Avenida Paulista is the best place to be when visiting Sao Paulo. There are a handful of shopping malls here. Restaurants, food courts, and pubs abound too. If you’re into history and arts, cultural centers are nearby such as the Museu de Arte de São Paulo or the MASP Museum.  The Parque Tenente Siqueira Campos, commonly called Trianon Park is 12 minutes away on foot.

reception area of Ibis Hotel Paulista
reception area of Ibis Hotel Paulista

Upon entering the hotel lobby, I couldn’t stop myself from grinning. A splash of color greets you and their playful interiors somewhat give you the assurance of a wonderful stay in their property.

the bar at ibis sao paulo paulista
the bar at the hotel

Checking inn was smooth and hassle-free. The receptionists of Ibis speak English well so we didn’t have to struggle one bit when communicating with them. You see, majority of Brazilians doesn’t speak English. Portuguese is their first language. When you open the television, it would be difficult to find an English program or show since Portuguese is what’s used by the television networks. It’s a good thing that the hotel has cable TV. The hotel’s front desk functions 24/7 and they’re a phone call away in case you need any help too.

the double bed room at Ibis Sao Paulo Paulista
the double bed room at Ibis Sao Paulo Paulista

The rooms at Hotel Ibis Sao Paulo Paulista have a minimalist design. They only have one room type, a double room with a double bed.

double bedroom at this hotel in Avenida Paulista
double bedroom at this hotel in Avenida Paulista

Each room has a minibar, a telephone, flat-screen TV, electronic safe and comes with an ensuite bathroom.

Ibis São Paulo Paulista Hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil
the toiletries set and the keycards provided
the ensuite bathroom at the hotel
the ensuite bathroom at the hotel

Towels, basic toiletries and a hairdryer are provided. Extra blankets, which comes in handy during the winter months, is available and stowed on the upper section of the room’s open wardrobe shelf. WiFi is available throughout the property.

the ensuite bathroom at ibis paulista
the ensuite bathroom
comfy room of Ibis Sao Paulo Paulista
my travel buddy, getting comfy at this semi chaise lounge

Breakfasts at Ibis Kitchen

queuing for the breakfast
queuing for the breakfast

The Ibis Kitchen Lounge offers meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel charges extra for their sumptuous breakfast buffet.

café da manhã at Ibis Paulista
The early birt café da manhã at Ibis Paulista, served for those who can’t make it in time for the official breakfast

They start serving food at 630am. For those who can’t make it in time for breakfast, a simple breakfast spread in the hotel lobby is offered for a minimal fee.

ibis paulista kitchen
Ibis Kitchen, photo by Marx

Ibis Budget Hotel’s breakfast includes different varieties of bread. Cold cuts and cheese are staples. At one section of the restaurant, omelette makers can be found and you can request how you prefer to have your breakfast eggs.

omelette gurus section
omelette gurus section

The only downside here is that you might struggle communicating with the cooks since they are not adept in understanding English so a little patience is needed. I requested for a sunny side up egg and got what I requested after a few silly confused discussions with the cook and after watching over how it’s done to prevent being served a hard boiled egg.

breakfast meal at ibis kitchen
my choice of breakfast at Ibis Kitchen

Another guest wanted half of the omelette the cook was making and I had to tell him someone else owns that omelette and that he has to request for a new one. Trouble is, the cook couldn’t understand the guest’s request.

breakfasts at ibis kitchen in sao paolo
breakfasts at Ibis Kitchen at the Hotel Ibis Sao Paulo Paulista

Cakes, other pastries and different fruit juices are among your choices when you have your café da manhã or breakfast at the Ibis Kitchen.

cereals anyone
cereals anyone?

Pão de queijo or their famous Brazilian cheese bread is also a mainstay in their buffet spread. My favorite’s their small chocolate croissants. It’s so yummy especially when still hot. I could still remember how the flaky pastry broke into my mouth everytime I chew it. That and the mixture of tiny chocolates create a delightful taste you simply want to eat more.

breakfast buffet section of ibis kitchen
breakfast buffet section of Ibis Kitchen

We stayed and checked in on 3 separate occasions at the Ibis São Paulo Paulista Hotel. The first night was when we arrived from our long haul flight from the Philippines. The second was after a long bus ride from Paraty, a small town in Rio de Janeiro. And the last was when we came back from Foz do Iguazu before our flight back home. On these instances, we deemed it best to book our stay at the Hotel Ibis São Paulo Paulista since we really liked the hotel. Its location was a bonus. It was so convenient. Our stay at this Ibis hotel was very comfortable and we felt safe all throughout our time here.

the double room at ibis sao paulo paulista
#MagnettheBear getting cozy at our bed

Here are more photos of the hotel during our stay.

the lounge
the lounge
e bikes for rent
e-bikes for rent
bar and workstation area
bar and workstation area of the hotel
Ibis hotel hallway
Ibis hotel hallway
what the Ibis Kitchen looks like
what the Ibis Kitchen looks like
flat screen tv inside the room
flat screen tv inside the room
the bar
the bar
the airport service bus to avenida paulista
the airport service bus to Avenida Paulista

Ibis Sao Paulo Paulista Hotel

Book here for discounted room rates
Avenida Paulista 2355
Bela Vista, São Paulo
Phone: +55 11/35233000
Email: H3735-RE@accor.com.br

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