Got the Biggest Postcard from Amsterdam feat. The Famous Skinny Bridge


The Famous Skinny Bridge of Amsterdam in a Postcard (click to enlarge)

For this Sunday’s Postcard, I promised I’d show you the biggest postcard I ever received.

This postcard was sent by someone from Postcrossing. Since I also accept private postcard exchanges, the sender and I agreed to swap postcards even after I got the official Postcrossing postcard from the sender.

The sender said “This wooden bridge is one of the oldest of Amsterdam since Amsterdam has a lot of canals. There are around 1000 bridges in the city!”

I also learned through our postcard exchanges that Cebu City is a sister city of Amsterdam. And because of this, they have a small replica of the bridge that connects Mactan Island to Cebu. As to what bridge it was, I guess I forgot to ask and the sender failed to mention it. This was really one interesting info I learned that time.

Since the postcard was too big for my tin can, it had to suffer some creases here and there…sorry postcard!

Trivia: I tried sending a bigger postcard in time for the Portugal holidays too but not quite as big as this one and that’s when I learned that it costs more to send a postcard of a different size. For regular-sized postcards, you only pay P14.00 to send your postcard to international destinations. For a different/bigger sized postcards, you pay more to send them. I just forgot how much it was.

Postcard Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date received: June 2010

Stamp collected: Netherlands Stamp
Netherlands stamps


Up Next…something black and white 😉

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