Finding Affordable Cakes at Sokha Hotel in Siem Reap


Disclaimer: Cake Addicts, Be Warned!

Do you love to eat cakes? I do.

Whenever I see a gorgeous cake, it seems that my eyes would suddenly have a life of its own. I can’t seem to control it from exploding in delight upon seeing those ravishing beauties. Good thing they didn’t pop out when my friends and I paid Sokha Hotel a visit last April and June (2012).

Kuya Ariel and Ate Ann, kababayans I met in Siem Reap, mentioned that Sokha Hotel sells all of their cakes at 50% off after 6pm. When my friend, Audrey, came with me to Siem Reap after my trip to Pai, we decided to visit the hotel to find any cake we’d fancy.

Sokha Angkor Hotel

Huge doors with high ceilings greeted us at Sokha Hotel. As we entered the spacious and posh lobby, we immediately spotted their pastry area right at the center. When we came closer to the pastry shelf, our eyes started feasting on those attractive cakes while our mouths drooled, enjoying the sight that greeted us. Hello there…

Affordable Cakes Siem Reap Sokha Hotelall those cakes at 50% off after 6pm

Cake addicts who won’t fall for any of those heavenly treats must probably need serious help (just kidding. ehehehe). But my friend and I only had one thing in mind at that time – to definitely buy one of those damn good-looking cakes.

It was really hard to decide what to buy. If only I had all the money in the world, I’d buy each one of them to sample all the flavors and decide which one’s best. But due to our limited budget, we decided to get a medium-sized Tiramisu Cake instead. Originally priced at $10.90, we paid $6.29 for the cake, which included an add-on of 10% VAT and 5% service charge after taking off 50% from its retail price. It was a great deal, buying that yummy cake, if I may say so. The Tiramisu Cake was truly gratifying!

When another good friend, Angel, visited Ed and I in Siem Reap last June, we only had one fixed itinerary for him – to go binge eating. lol. Before we brought him to one of our favourite restaurants in Siem Reap after our sunset biking adventure at the Angkor Wat grounds, we made a detour at Sokha Hotel to buy a discounted cake. It was their first time at Sokha. They wanted to buy the baked cheese cake but since they were doubtful of it’s taste, we went with the safer choice – a chocolate cake. We asked them to add letterings to the cake, which was free. The price tag in the shelf said $22.90. My friends thought that it was the final price after the discount. So when they were paying, the cashier gave back half of their money as they gave too many. Upon clarifying that we only had to pay around $13 for the big cake, Ed and Angel wanted to buy more. In the end, we bought another one – a small slice of the baked cheese cake for less than $2 to sample it. After the taste-test, we promised ourselves we’d go back the next day to buy the bigger one. 😉

Ed and Angel, before the baked cheese cake assault

To you cake-lovers out there, in case you’ll visit Siem Reap, Cambodia, do not forget to visit Sokha Hotel after 6pm to sample a taste of the delightfully sweet yet affordable cakes in Siem Reap. Be sure to arrive there early as their discounted cakes tend to sell out fast.

affordable cakes Siem ReapChocolate Cake, Baked Cheese Cake and Tiramisu Cake all from Sokha Hotel – super YUMMY!

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Sokha Angkor Resort is located at
National Road No. 6 cor. Sivatha Street Junction
Phoum Taphoul, Svay Dangkoum
Siem Reap, Kindom of Cambodia

For discounted room rates, book HERE.

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