Before embarking on this adventure to visit and explore Hong Kong and Macau, my travel buddy and I were thinking that 7 days is too long to explore both cities. I’ve heard from friends that there’s really nothing to see in Hong Kong and Macau. I guess it depends on every traveller. For first timers like us, it was a different story. You see, I’ve never set foot on this two countries before so when I was preparing our travel itinerary for Hong Kong and Macau, I was confident that I’d have everything covered after I was told that there’s nothing to see there. But boy was I wrong.

After carefully checking for resources online to know what to do in Hong Kong and Macau, and after creating a list and mapping out the distance and the timeframe it would take us per destination, it seems that 5 days in Hong Kong was not enough. 2 days in Macau was ideal though. But we had to make do with the limited time we have in exploring Hong Kong. And we’re just grateful that we decided to get an iVenture Card to help us with our itineraries.

What is an iVenture Card?

iventure card

An iVenture Card is a pass that gives one access to 14 of Hong Kong and Macau’s famous tourist attractions and tours. This pass is a convenient way to gain entry to these tourist destinations.

Depending on the season, there will be long lines on major tourist attractions and having the pass makes entering these locations hassle-free. Except for the Peak Tram where we think the pass was really not useful as we still had to endure the long lines to wait for out turn to ride the tram to Victoria Peak, the iVenture Card gave us smooth entry to the attractions and tours we crammed within our limited itinerary. On top of that, there are also bonus offers that you can take advantage when getting the iVenture card as it offers discounts to a few restaurants and transportation in Hong Kong.

Validity of the iVenture Card

Depending on your length of stay, the iVenture Card is available for use as a 3-day pass or a 5-day pass. This means that upon activation of the card, you are given 3 days or 5 days to use the card within Hong Kong and Macau. So with this, you need to carefully map out your itinerary to fully maximize it.

Attractions included in an iVenture Card

The iVenture Card is one powerful card in the sense that it gives you access to major tourist destinations in Hong Kong and Macau for a reasonable price.

So what are the attractions included in the iVenture Card? In Hong Kong, the iVenture Card gives you access to Disneyland, Ocean Park (with Transfers), Ngong Ping 360, sky100 HongKong Observation Deck, Watertours Victoria Harbour Cruise, HK Trick Eye Museum, Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus, Peak Tram and Noah’s Ark.

In Macau, the iVenture Card gives you access to the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre, Viva La Broadway Show with one free meal at Broadway Macau, TKW Macau Tour and the Pier 16 Macau 3D World.

Update: The iVenture Card has removed the following attractions in HongKong: HK Trick Eye Museum. In Macau, these attractions were removed: the Viva La Broadway Show in Macau and the Pier 16 Macau 3D. However, the following attractions were added: Sky 100 VR Experience, The Art of Chocolate, and Hong Kong City Tour.

The card also offers the following perks:

  • 25% discount on Round Trip Standard Class Fares at the Airport Express (only redeemable at Airport A13 counter)
  • 20% discount on the total bill at Palki Indian Cuisine
  • 20% discount on Ala Carte Orders,  10% Discount – Lunch / Brunch buffet Orders at the Khana Khazana Indian Vegetarian Restaurant & Bar
  • 15% discount on Cotai Water Jet Ferry tickets (only redeemable at Airport A13 counter)
  • 10% discount on meals at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for a limited time only, alcohol excluded
  • HKD 100 Voucher for a limited time only for dine-in food and beverage consumption over HKD 800 or above at the Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant

Please take note that the included attractions & perks may change from time to time so, refer to the main iVenture website for more detailed information.  

Is the iVenture Card worth it?

If you will sum up all the fees of the tourist attractions included individually and compare that to the price of the iVenture Card, you will get huge savings with the card purchase.

iventure card price

An iVenture Card costs $140.00 with Klook. (Take note that prices may change from time to time.) If we bought individual tickets for each of the tourist attractions we visited, we would have spent $261.72. But with the iVenture Card, we saved 47% off the regular price of those entrance fees.

iventure card rate

So looking at the tables on top, if you were to ask me if the iVenture card is worth it, it is one giant resounding YES.

Who is the iVenture Card for?

The iVenture card is ideal for first timers who visit Hong Kong and Macau.

But even first timers like us never maximized the use of the card to its full potential due to our limited time. With the discount we got from buying the iVenture Card, I’m positive that I’ll get one again the next time I go to Hong Kong to visit the attractions I haven’t been as well go back to a few favorites on this trip.

Where to buy the iVenture Card

At the time of this writing, this is the official rates of the iVenture Card from their website:

iventure card price list

There are 2 kinds of iVenture Cards. One that offers Hong Kong Attractions Pass and one with a Hong Kong Disneyland Combo Pass. We got our iVenture Card from Klook since it is much cheaper and Klook also offers discounts from time to time as seen on the screeshot below.iventure card price with klook

In terms of usability, there’s no difference if you buy the pass from Klook or from iVenture so if I were to choose where to buy the iVenture card, I would buy it from Klook.

In case you are interested to get the 5-day Attraction Pass with access to Disneyland from Klook, you need to pay an additional HK$ 449/Adult and HK$369/Child, which is payable upon collection of your iVenture Card when you land at the HK airport. This offer is only redeemable at the Airport A13 counter. That’s approximately $57.50USD and $47.25USD respectively to get a Disney pass when you buy with Klook. The total rate still comes out cheaper when you buy with Klook than with iVenture if you refer back to the price on top.

What was our itinerary like when using the iVenture Card to explore Hong Kong and Macau?

As I mentioned, 5 days is not enough to explore HongKong due to the numerous things one can do in this bustling city. So the thought of cramming our itinerary for Hong Kong and Macau in a 5-day pass was quite challenging. But we managed.

I actually arrived 2 days before in Hong Kong giving us a total of 6 days to roam around the city.  If you were to purchase an iVenture Card, be sure to use your first day in HK to either claim the tickets of some of the attractions at designated offices or activate the card. Be sure to read the fine print from Klook to know what to expect. Before coming to Hong Kong, you must have a rough guide on what to do and where to go to manage your time well.

So for those who are curious, here’s what our itinerary looked liked and some suggested itineraries for you.

Day 1

Let’s call this day a chill day. Use Day 1 to activate your card and claim your tickets from the designated offices assigned for each attraction.

ten thousand buddhas in hong kong
Ten Thousand Buddhas in Hong Kong

When you’re done with that, you can visit the Ten Thousand Buddhas and the Nan Lian Garden. Also take time to explore the garden for it also houses the elegant Chi Lin Nunnery.

Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong
Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong

If you still have a few time to spare, drop by the Hong Kong Museum of History for a quick look at the country’s history.

Chi Lin Nunnery
Chi Lin Nunnery

Access to these destinations is free.

bruce lee at the avenue of stars
Bruce Lee at the Garden of Stars

You can also head over to the Avenue of Stars but since this area is closed for renovation until the end of 2018, you might as well skip this unless you really want to see Bruce Lee, where he’s temporarily resting at the Garden of Stars.

The Peak Tram

hong kong peak tram
Hong Kong Peak Tram

The Peak Tram is included in your iVenture Card pass. However, long lines are to be expected especially on peak hours so be sure to go there earlier than scheduled to avoid linig up for an hour or more. We waited in line for more than an hour for this. Tsk.

Victoria Peak

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

Once you reach the top, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Hong Kong from the Sky Terrace 428 of the Peak Tower. There’s a fee to access this. If you don’t want to spend a dime, just explore Victoria Peak and find that small gazebo to get a good photo of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Trick Eye Museum, one of the attractions included in your pass, can also be found at the Peak Tower so be sure to check what time they close and drop by for those crazy and fun-looking photos.

On your way back, you can visit the night markets in Mongkok or go on a food trip. Michelin starred restaurants are famous in Hong Kong so it would be a wonderful treat to find some of these restaurants and indulge on yummy Hong Kong food.

Day 2

Be a kid again and explore Ocean Park.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park Hong Kong
Ocean Park Hong Kong

A free round trip bus transfer pickup will be waiting for you at Holiday Inn Golden Mile at Tsim Sha Tsui as soon as you book this tour 24 hours in advance.

Because of the scale of this park, you might have to spend an entire day here.

A Symphony of Lights

Symphony of lights Hong Kong
Symphony of lights Hong Kong

In case you get bored, you can opt to leave early and ride the MTR. Head over to the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront outside the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Wan Chai and witness the ‘World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show, A Symphony of Lights.

The show starts at 8pm every night and lasts for 13 minutes. But I’d still urge you to stay at the Ocean Park, if I were you. Before the park closes, it offers a wonderful 15-minute light show, Symbio, complete with fire, water, pyrotechnics, animation and music giving you that wonderful treat as you leave the place.

Day 3

On your 3rd day with your iVenture Card, you can go to Lantau Island and experience the Ngong Ping 360. The round trip ride is included in your iVenture Card. Ngong Ping 360 is a 25-minute cable car ride that will bring you to the beautiful Ngong Ping Village.

Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360
Ngong Ping 360

I highly recommend this ride as it provides a spectacular bird’s eye view of Lantau Island. You’ll admire the thick foliage in the area and cruising at such elevation gives you the opportunity to see a few waterfalls flowing from the island’s mountains.

Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha
Tian Tan Buddha

What’s makes this ride worthwhile is seeing the Giant Buddha, also known as the Tian Tan Buddha, as you approach the village. Due to the elevation of the village, it’s best to visit the place early in the morning since fog tends to eat the view in the afternoon.

Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery
Po Lin Monastery

The neighboring Po Lin Monastery is not to be missed too. The intricate stone carvings from its pillars is a sight to behold. This place also have an impressive Grand Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas which will leave you speechless.

Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck

sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck
sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck

Once you’re done visiting the village, head over to the sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck. Aside from Victoria Peak, this is another place to visit to get a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong. Entrance to this place is covered by your iVenture Card.

Watertours Victoria Harbour Cruise

Hong Kong Watertours Victoria Harbour Cruise
Hong Kong Watertours Victoria Harbour Cruise

After enjoying the view from sky100, make your way to the Tsim Sha Tsui No. 3 Public Pier for your iVenture Card Pre-Dinner Sunset Cruise with the Watertours Victoria Harbour Cruise.

Take note that you need to redeem your ticket at the Watertours office before you can ride this. The cruise lasts for an hour and a half and offers unlimited and free drinks onboard, from whisky to gin, beer, sodas, wine and more. They don’t serve food so it’s best to bring light snacks with you in case you get hungry. The cruise offers a glimpse of Hong Kong’s islands from its baywaters.

Hong Kong Observation Wheel

Hong Kong Observation Wheel
Hong Kong Observation Wheel

The boat cruise makes a quick stop at Central Pier 9 and 10 and you can chose to alight here and head back on your own or you can chose to stay at the boat and make your way back to where you were picked up. The Central Pier houses the prominent Hong Kong Observation Wheel so you might want to reconsider. The famous ‘claw’ building (that’s what I call it), the Two International Finance Centre, where Batman jumped off on the movie The Dark Knight is also located in this area. This building is the second tallest building in Hong Kong.

Day 4

Day 4 involves checking out of our hostel and heading for Macau. We decided to stay in Macau for 2 nights to fully explore the area. Some travellers only go to Macau for a day trip so if you are pressed with time, you can leave early for Macau and go back to Hong Kong on the same day via the high speed ferries.

Your iVenture Card gives you a discount if you ride with Cotai Water Jet so be sure to check their schedules and buy your tickets upon claiming your iVenture card once you land at that Hong Kong airport. The discount can only be redeemed at the HK airport counter.

Viva La Broadway Show

Viva La Broadway Show
Viva La Broadway Show

Once we reached Macau, we headed straight to the Viva La Broadway Show at the Macau Broadway Resort to save us time. We left our heavy backpacks at the concierge and went to redeem our broadway tickets, which is included with the iVenture Card, and watched the 45-minute show.

Broadway Macau

Broadway Kitchen at Broadway Macau
Broadway Kitchen at Broadway Macau

iVenture Card holders are also given a 70HKD set meal voucher that you can claim at any of Broadway Macau’s participating restaurants. We claimed ours at the Broadway Kitchen.

Senado Square at Night

Senado Square at Night
Senado Square at Night

By the time we’re done eating our late lunch, we proceeded to check in our hotel and explored Senado Square till our feet hurt.

Day 5

This would be the last day we’d use the iVenture Card. To maximize the card, we booked the sightseeing day tour, the TKW Macau Tour, which comes with the iVenture Card.

TKW Macau Tour

free food taste in Macau
free food taste in Macau

You need to book this tour one day ahead and meet up place is inside the Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal. The itinerary for this tour includes the Ruins of St Paul, the Fortaleza do Monte or the Mount Fortress, the A-Ma Temple with quick drop offs to buy some souvenirs.

Ruins of St. Paul

Ruins of Saint Paul in Macau
Ruins of Saint Paul in Macau

Mount Fortress

Museu de Macau at Mount Fortress
Museu de Macau at Mount Fortress

This tour includes a lunch buffet at an unimpressive hotel and ends with free time to roam around the streets near Senado Square and the casino hotels nearby.

Since we were on a group tour with day trippers from Hong Kong, we parted ways at the ferry terminal.

Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau
Venetian Macau

We then looked for the free shuttle bus that will take us to the Venetian Macau to see more of the casino hotels and malls here.

Macau Tower

Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre
Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre

Since access to the Macau Tower is also included in the iVenture Card, we headed to the towering structure and saw an aerial view of Macau by night and got a good look of neighboring China too.

casino lisboa
Casino Lisboa

Before calling it a night, we again went to the casino hotels in our area and marveled at the awesome display of lights that seems to pull you in their properties to play.

Senado Square
Senado Square

My travel buddy had a late afternoon flight the next day whereas I decided to stay in Macau for one more night before I fly out to Singapore. With this extra day, I grabbed the chance to visit Senado Square again and was surprised to stumble on the overflowing free-tastes that were offered by the different food shops in the area.

Ocean Park

So there you have it. That’s how we maximized our 5-day iVenture Card pass. We may have skipped a few attractions here and there, which was totally fine as this gives me more reason to go back to Hong Kong and Macau to visit those places we missed.

If there was one thing I regretted on this trip, it’s that I failed to pay homage to Disneyland. I was looking forward to visiting Mickey Mouse’ home in Asia but budget and time constraints prevented me from doing so. No worries with this though. Now that I’ve acquainted myself with Hong Kong, it won’t be too hard for me to convince myself to book that flight again and grab the opportunity to visit Disney soon.

Did you find this article helpful? Have I convinced you to get the iVenture Card? YES? Then please click the link to buy your iVenture Card for your HongKong and Macau Trip. 🙂

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This is a travel blog of Doi Domasian. Her nature to explore both new and familiar places and share it with the rest of the world is what keeps this wanderer going and seeking for thrills and adventures. Due to her passion for travelling, she decided to leave the corporate world and started living the life of a nomad.


    • Hi Sam, kailangan mo magbayad separate for the Disneyland pass. It’s an add-on or upgrade if you buy the iVenture card. The good thing about it is that discounted si Disneyland ticket mo when you buy it with iVenture but you have to buy that when you redeem your iVenture card.

  1. Hi. I’d like to ask if the discounted disneyland ticket should be used within the 5day iventure pass? Or can I use it before or after the iventure’s validity? Thanks. 🙂

  2. Hello!! Are all tickets or vouhers can be redeemed at any given pick up locations? Can I redeem them all at once in any pick up point indicated in their site? Except for the ones that have specific place. Thank you so much!!

    • Hi EM, I believe you can redeem all at once but it would be best to read the fine print too to better understand the redemption rules for each of the destinations. There are some destinations where you only need to present the iVenture card too. Enjoy your trip! 🙂

  3. Hi, where’s the watertours office to claim the tickets?

    “Take note that you need to redeem your ticket at the Watertours office”

  4. hello, i would like to avail the TKW Macau Tour, since im gonna ride the cotai jet to taipa, how can i go from taipa to Macau Outer Terminal (meeting place)? thank you!


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