Encounters with Random Strangers in Chiang Mai


What makes one’s travel adventures fun and unforgettable are those little moments that you get to spend with the locals of the place where you travel. And when you try to look back and remember what happened on those trips, you couldn’t help but smile after seeing the photos of what you were doing during that time.

Out of the blue, I suddenly missed my backpacking trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and had to open the old photos on my Facebook Album. It was just so disheartening that I lost ALL of my travel pics and had to make do with what I had stored in FB. But nonetheless, I’m thankful for having given the chance to get a glimpse of the past through those photos…as my memory is slowly betraying me.

Finding Kids Wearing Traditional Thai Clothing in Doi Suthep

When I first arrived in Chiang Mai, I didn’t waste time and immediately tried to look for information on what to do in Chiang Mai. Three hours after, I found my feet climbing the temple of Doi Suthep. Doi Suthep lies on top of one of the elevated towns of Chiang Mai. This is where I learned that in Thai, my nickname [Doi] means mountain. So when they say Doi Suthep, it actually means Mountain Suthep.

doi suthep

In there, you will find kids who don Thai traditional costume and they’d happily oblige to take a photo with you in exchange for a fee. Bummer. So I just stole photos of them kids who were having fun killing time while they await for prospect customers.

The Smiling Girl at the Night Bazaar

When I was walking the long stretch of road where the Weekend Bazaar sits, I had to stop when I saw that charming girl wearing what looks like one of their tribe’s national costume. She eagerly posed when I took a photo of her. Caught her performing a Thai dance. Upon closer look, I think I saw that this girl had a bucket on the floor beside her where passersby can place donations. The writing on the bucket says it’s for the girl’s educational fund. I didn’t bother dropping any amount as I doubted the intention of the bucket but the girl didn’t show signs of being offended for not shelling out a dime after I took a photo of her. She’s really adorable.

Playing Water Gun Fight with a Cute Neighbor

The Songkran Festival is one of the craziest water festivals in the world and this is one festival any traveller shouldn’t miss. So during the 1st day of the Songkran Festival, my newfound friends and I slowly walked outside our guesthouse and made sure people didn’t start pointing their water guns at us. But despite how careful we were, we still got soaked and guess who got to shoot me first?

little boy

Yeah. That cute kid! I was peacefully standing on the sidewalk when all of a sudden my back felt chilly after getting wet with cold and icy water. When I turned around to see who the culprit was, I found this cute little fellow giggling as if he just got caught for stealing candy. But just because he was still a kid and was very cute didn’t mean I’ll just let him get away with what he did. I had to fight back! And for the next 5 minutes, we exchanged water shots while the little guy kept laughing and jumping all the time. Hahaha. Such a cute fellow!

Those were just some of the random strangers that I met in Chiang Mai who gave me beautiful memories to reminisce. I really had a great time during my solo trip to Chiang Mai. I didn’t know I would enjoy it so much and I couldn’t wait for the time when I’ll get to visit this laid back city again.

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  1. Wala ka nagpapildi doi sa bata sa water fight. saon! hahahaha really nice to meet people on the road who would share a smile or two. sometimes it’s more genuine than somebody you already know! 🙂

    • as in. di jud ko papildi. ako sad sya giaway via water gun fight. lingaw raman pud ang bata. ahaha
      yeah, it’s nice to meet these random strangers on the road jud 😀 I miss travelling na!

  2. Visiting this place made me wanted to go back. I’ve met new people who add color to my life. Their culture is as colorful as their dresses. They never failed to greet you with warm smiles on their faces. I enjoy this place that still treasures their traditions.

  3. Doi, were you able to purchase that little puppet on the cover photo of this article? If you have that, can I borrow it? I’ve been looking for that kind of doll for a video project. 😀


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