Calle Crisologo: Fond Memories Of You


I never really got the chance to apologize to you. After months of carefully planning this trip, I failed to calculate the time properly and the unexpected happened. I ran out of time and I failed to meet you completely. Yeah, we said our hi’s and hello’s but I really wanted to know you more.

I was so ecstatic the moment my foot landed in your town. There were a lot of tourists at that time, just like me, but I didn’t mind them. Since I thought there was still ample time, I tried roaming around the city first. Then I got drowned in a sea of souvenir shops and lost track of time. It was dark before I knew it. My siblings were already calling me to hurry as our bus might leave without us.

Struck with this reality, I tried my best to look for you amongst the crowd of tourists. I wanted to see you more than anything else. Time was too short and I had to go without even saying goodbye.

I really regret not ironing out my plans to see you. I wish I could have stayed overnight in your city. I wanted to feel how wondeful it is to walk along the streets of Calle Crisologo at night less all those people. I know it may sound creepy walking into a ghost town-like street by night but I don’t care. I’d really love to be engulfed by your town’s heritage. I want to be there. I want to feel what it’s like living in your place. I’d love to take a stroll on those cobblestone street with you by my side. I truly want to get to know you more.

I know you are forgiving and I do promise to come back so that we can finally meet. I will definitely give you my undivided time and attention. I hope you’ll still be there waiting for me. I know you will. I hope you will.

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    • monette, matagal na rin akong in love sa kanya. kakalungkot nga coz less than 6 hrs lang ako dito πŸ™ i’ll definitely go back there one of these days πŸ˜€

  1. na-inlab din ako sa calle crisologo. I stayed there for 2 hours sa tabi lng ng road, i was just alone and was staring at the road, the people and the sky, then some lil kids joined me which made my day. nagsisi ako na i stayed the nxt night sa Laog. I shall return!
    Happy Vday Doi! I’ll see you soon! muah

    • gael, ako naman, last stop bago bumaba ng manila. matagal umalis yung bus from Badoc kaya sandali lng kami sa vigan. next time talaga overnight or 2 days sa vigan =) Happy Hearts too! baka may changes sa plans ko eh πŸ™ will let you know once final na sya πŸ™‚ tC!


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