7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mati City Right Now

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With over 7,100 islands to choose from, you will never run out of places to visit in the Philippines. Each island has something unique to offer. And if you have trouble deciding where to go, allow me to help narrow down your choices. If you are looking for less travelled destinations in the Philippines, I highly recommend you visit Mati City.

Mati is a quaint city which is 4 hours away from Davao City. Aside from the fun-loving locals in the area, Mati is home to unspoiled beaches and for those looking to have an adventure-packed trip, here are 7 reasons why you need to visit Mati City now.

7 Reasons Why you Need to Visit Mati City Right Now

1. Mount Hamiguitan

Out of the six UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines, one can be found in Mindanao and that is the Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary. This mountain range has an area of more than 6,000 hectares and it is home to endangered, endemic and rare species of flora and fauna.

Mount Hamiguitan World Heritage Park
Mount Hamiguitan World Heritage Park

Mount Hamiguitan could just be the holy grail for nature lovers and mountaineers. A carefully guided climb up could take 3 days to complete. For the less adventurous souls, a world-class museum sits at the foot of the mountain range to give you a glimpse of the different species one can find in the national park.

Before reaching Mati, you can do a quick detour to get to this place. Those who decides to climb up can use the opportunity to recharge and chill in Mati after the tiring climb.

2. Sleeping Dinosaur

Don’t miss the chance to have your photos taken at the view deck of the Sleeping Dinosaur.

Sleeping Dinosaur when you visit Mati City in Davao
drop by the Sleeping Dinosaur before reaching Mati City

This uniquely shaped hill that is shaped like a dinosaur deeply asleep attracts tourists, both local and foreign, who can’t get enough of that scenic view. I wonder if it awaits for its Prince Charming to awaken it though.

3. Lesser Crowd

If crowds turn you off, fret not. Mati City remains to be unspoiled and untainted despite the tourism boom in the country.

less travelled beaches in the Philippines
Dahican Beach is one of the less travelled beaches in the Philippines

Only locals frequent the place with only a handful of foreign tourists lurking the area so you will have plenty of places to run wild and free.

4. Dahican Beach

Mati is home to the famous Dahican Beach. Now picture yourself walking that 7-kilometer beach while enjoying the view of swaying coconut leaves and waves crashing each time it reaches the shore.

i love mati marker at dahican beach
I Love Mati marker at Dahican Beach

The best part is you could have this beach all to yourself (with the exception of locals of course). Ain’t that a sight for sore eyes?

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5. Surfing

Adrenaline junkies will immediately fall in love with Mati’s beach.

surfing at Dahican Beach when you visit Mati City
surfing at Dahican Beach in Mati

The powerful waves on this side of the archipelago will get you pumpin and stoked as you race for that break.

6. Skimboarding

If surfing is not your cup of tea, you could always try the milder version of this sport. Skimboarding is also very popular in Mati that even young kids have mastered this muscle-bending activity.

Amihan boys skimboarding at Dahican Beach
Amihan boys skimboarding at Dahican Beach

The Amihan Boys of Dahican Beach will be glad to teach you their tricks if you’re eager to learn.

Surfing and skimboarding at dahican beach when you visit mati city
Amihan Boys of Dahican surfing and skimboarding

Want to know where to find them? Follow where the waves are.

7. Amazing sunrise

For some, the 3-4 hour drive to get to this place might be a turn off. But for those who persist, for those who love to get sunkissed and battle the waves of Dahican, the promise of a new day awaits.

witness the sunrise when you visit mati city davao oriental
Don’t forget to witness the amazing sunrise when you visit Mati City; photo by Verna Luga

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius

How to Get to Mati City

AirAsia flies to Davao City from Manila, Clark, Cebu and Kuala Lumpur. Book your tickets at http://www.airasia.com.

From Davao City, you can either ride a Van or a Bus from Ecoland Terminal. Travel time could take 3-6 hours depending on your mode of transportation.

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